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Friday, October 14, 2005

Trip to Lyon = Yarn

Stash Enrichment
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The trip to Lyon was a quick one. Overall, it was a success, unless you consider the torture Lambchop #1 was subjected to by her 8-year-old cousin. Are all 8-year-olds that mean to little kids. She really was just down-right malicious, and with no real provocation. I'm starting to think it was paybacks for some jealousy this summer where their grandmother spent more time caring for my four-year-old than for her self-sufficient, 8-year-old cousin while on vacation.

The rest of the little trip was good, though. As is always the case while I'm there I forgot to take any pictures. But, really, who wants to see touristy shots of beautiful architecture when there's yarn to chat about? So, without further ado... I present the newest members of my stash.

There were some good deals to be had at the factory outlet sale. Some yarns didn't have enough selection for my tastes. There was absolutely no merino on sale, and there was only a bag or two of the lovely cashmere/wool blend. It happened to be in black, which will nicely match the plum cashmere I got last time I was there.

You can see the black in the photo there. To its right is some light grey baby superwash (and to its right is its darker partner). It will be used hopefully to make Arisaig from the most recent Knitty. Right in the middle is a ball of some yarn I wished I'd been able to purchase last time I was there. It's 70% wool/30% silk and lusciously soft with a gorgeous sheen. I got tons of balls (24, to be exact) to be sure to have enough of this dense stuff to make a full sweater for my husband. Whatever's leftover will get made into something else I'm sure. Then, up front there are two balls of a wool/mohair blend. There's a light grey one not tagged for any specific project and the light green one should be for the Greek pullover in the last IK issue. Again in the middle, is a ball of cottony/tencel stuff in a bright blue. And, lastly was a really good deal I got on 70% angora/30% wool blend. It had a slight yellowy tint to it, so they were selling it off at 5 euros/bag of 9 balls. I bought two bags, which should give me enough for a sweater I've been wanting to design for ages. It should be fine dyed black, I would think. I'm actually very excited to be able to experiment with that stuff for so cheap.

That's it for our yarn store trip. It was way quicker than I wanted, because my husband had work to finish up before leaving here. He successfully got me there with 15 minutes to spare before they closed. A little mean, I'd say, but he claims it was his tightwad husband scheme for saving money on yarn. I say it didn't work all that well. He pulled the same trick on me on the way back from Lyon where we were stopping by an organic dried goods factory outlet. I had about 3 minutes in the store to snatch up whatever I could. I don't like to shop that way, and I know there were other things I should have gotten but couldn't. I did calculate, though, that we saved 33% off the normal price we'd pay for those same products around here. So, even in three minutes, it was a good deal.