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Thursday, October 06, 2005

No Way!!!!

Really, NO WAY! That can't possibly be the Cable Baby Blanket actually finished and blocked in time for a little trip to Lyon (where the recipient lives). Actually, it's not. Looks can be deceiving. If you look really closely, you'll see it's not entirely finished, even if it is washed and blocked already. With the sun shining through it, you can see a few spots where I did my Russian joins and there is a string visibly hanging from one. That's all that's left to do, though. Just have to weave those ends in.

I've found this Buttermilk color to be a bit bland, and I know how important color is to my sister-in-law, so I have given her permission to over-dye it. I did a little test on some swatches and depending on what color she decides on, it should work fine. Since the yarn is machine washable, it should work out fine dyed in the machine.

I know it sounds weird to say that I gave her permission, because once I give it to her, it's no longer up to me what she does with it. But I want her to actually use it, and if she's afraid I'll be offended if I see it's gotten a new do, she may never touch it. She seemed happy to have the suggestion come from me. We'll see what she chooses. Hopefully, I'll be around to get a picture of it.

I'm just proud it's finally finished. And, it was my first real success at making up a pattern. Could this be because there was no decreasing and increasing to shape it? Mmmm... could be. If anyone is interested, now that I've finished it, I'd be happy to sit down and figure out the pattern, which was pretty simple.