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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Jealousy Breeds... Harmony?

Tuckered Out
Originally uploaded by The Stitchin Sheep.
I swear this picture is in no way rigged or planned. Now, normally, I wouldn't dare show up in my pjs on the internet, but the kids are fully covering me and the most that can be said of me is that I'm certainly not wearing any sexy, little teddies around the house (but I've got little ones, so what do you want?). It does, however, show perfectly what jealousy can drive a two-year-old to do.

Lambchop #1 was obviously very tired and found Mommy to be cozy. Then, Lambchop #2, as usual, came over to find a way of pushing in on the action. Apparently too exhausted to completely shove her out of the way, he settled for lying on top of her to get to Mommy. Their photo-happy parents, of course, saw a Kodak moment here.

I am talking on the phone in this shot - with my mother, which reminds me to mention something while we're here. It appears that Hurricane Rita is following in the footsteps of her older sister, except she's heading straight for the Houston area. I was glued to the tv for as long as it was working during the Katrina mess, but Rita is trying to make this one personal. See, my parents live in Houston. Actually, luckily for them, they live in the northern part of town, so they won't get the brunt of anything. They are, however, in a nice area that enjoys doing an occasional impression of swamplands.

So, Mom and Dad may soon be packing up the Great Aunt, the dogs and the cat and getting the heck out of Dodge. And, Mom, don't forget the new Mac and that handy-dandy ISight camera. That's not to sound flippant, because I know there are more important things, but I need my communication lines open. So, don't forget any necessary cables. You can just use them as dog leashes in the meantime.