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Monday, September 26, 2005

Faulty Eggs

Ever bought a faulty carton of eggs? You'll know it when you have. Not because they stink or anything that obvious. It more because of what they refuse to do in the kitchen. Aside from the dishes and setting the table, they also turn up their little noses at chores like making a soufflé rise and other important tasks. That's their job. You'd think they'd do it flawlessly. But do they? Of course not.

I got ahold of a carton of faulty eggs, myself this week. Maybe we can blame it on the store-bought eggs. Or, perhaps it was because the home-grown eggs, in all their snobbery, didn't appreciate being mixed with the store-bought. Whatever their reason, what I know is this: these eggs just don't work. What happened? They didn't set. That's what.

Oh sure, you could make all sorts of claims about "operator error," saying that I must have mixed in too much milk. You could even attempt to soothe my suffering ego by explaining how the Spanish Potato Omelette, though one of the tastiest dishes around, like all The Greats can be a bit temperamental - it's so easy to screw up. Say what you will. I will always know that it all boils down to a faulty carton of eggs. Anything else is unthinkable.