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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Constipated Poultry

Giant Egg
Originally uploaded by Sheepish.
Don't you think that post title could make a great name for a rock band? Okay, well, if you don't like the sound of it, just pretend it said: "It's Twins"

Look at the size of that massive egg. It is a bit discolored because of its enormity. The chickens usually lay eggs about the size of the little guy sitting behind the huge one. But, the other day, we found this thing. It's monstrous, isn't it? It turned out to be twins, which is what usually causes them to be so huge. So, my theory, and this is not at all scientific, is that the poor chickie was constipated for a day or two and when she finally laid this sucker, it came out as a two-in-one.

Now, I've given birth twice (once even without the epidural), but I'm in awe of anything the size of our hens that can push this out of her. Let's all have a moment of silence in recognition of her greatness.