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Friday, May 20, 2005

Master of Medieval Torture

You never think that from your womb, the fruit of the love your share with your spouse, can spring forth a being that is equipped from birth with the gift of torture (Well, is that a gift really? Most likely not, but it certainly is a talent). And, yet, under that adorable, cuddly exterior lies dormant a creature so cunning... so... well... torturous that scarcely can be described. The child hides its cursed ways, slowly gaining your trust - even your sympathy and love. Then - BAM - it strikes like a snake, bearing its fangs and releasing its venim when you least expect it.

For us, the hidden talent is that of inflicting sleep deprivation, and it struck without warning last night. Mind you, this is no 1-month-old we're talking about. He's almost 18 months, is calm and sleeps well most nights. Last night was definitely an exception. And, let me just say that I get ugly when tired (and not in a physical way, although that may be true as well). Oh, sure most people would claim it must be teething pains, nightmares or perhaps gas, but we know the real secret - he must have studied under the great Medieval masters in a former life. And, as a result of his marvelous skill we did not even know existed, I've gone through the day in a haze.

But, he's cute during his normal waking hours, so we love him and rock him and comfort him as best we know how (he's soooo lucky Daddy is more rational at 2 am than Mommy).

In knitting news: I keep plugging away on the striped sweater, which I've recently realized I'll most likely not have enough yarn to finish. Not to worry, though, since I'm doing the Elizabeth Zimmerman bottom-up sweater. As she says, it's no trouble - you just switch colors for the yoke and act like you did it on purpose. Genius! Everything can be called a design detail if you think hard enough on it. I actually was considering making the yoke a solid color (I know that may sound weird), but this apparently is fate forcing my hand. We'll see how it turns out. I'm having a bit of trouble picturing it.