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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Forgotten Obligations

A little while back (actually a bit too long ago), my sister-in-law asked me for some details about my recycled dress shirt rug. My brother has an enormous number of colorful t-shirts that could make an excellent rug. And, to prove that I have not forgotten about her questions, here are the answers.

First, she wanted to know what size needles I'm using. I'm using the size 13's in my Denise needle set. Convenient, because I can just slip them on to the smallest cord and slap a couple of ends on them to make a needle holder.

The other question she had was a tiny bit more technical. Or, perhaps it wasn't actually a question she asked, but a tip I thought of that could make her life easier. Since my dress shirts are open in the front, I cut back and forth, but for a t-shirt, the job is much easier. I found

page months ago when playing with plastic bags for knitting. There are some wonderful instructions for cutting up bags to make "yarn" that would be perfect for t-shirts as well.

Whew! Now I can rest more easily knowing that I've not completely forgotten yet another obligation. Ah, the relief.

So, get to work on that t-shirt rug. You've got no more excuses.