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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Down With Knitting Adultery

Striped Sweater Body
Originally uploaded by Sheepish.
Say it with me, please. No more dipping your needles into new yarn. Somehow I've lately gained a much-needed desire to stay faithful to a given project without sneaking off for a tryst with another (no matter how sexily it crooks its little index finger at me, giving me that come hither look). After seeing how many items I have stuck on various needles, I decided that a little will-power would be in order. And, to show how much we can get done when ignoring other projects' advances, we have exhibit A: the manly striped sweater I've been creating so my husband will finally shut up about me stealing his blue Alpaca sweater (even if he is right).

I'm making this from Elizabeth Zimmerman's bottom-up/in the round sweater formula. This, of course, is the arm. No, it's not. Can you imagine? No way I'd make a sweater for my husband if he were that big. Sorry, but that's more than my fickle heart can stand of one project. Anyway, this is actually the body. I've got about 5 inches to go on this part. Then, I'll need to start the other arm (you'll remember I've already done one). Exciting to see such progress, doncha tink?

We've slipped this onto a long cord of my Denise needle set and have found that we're on the right track to a sweater that actually fits. And, to top that off, he even likes it. The more he sees of it, the more he seems to like it (by the way, that orange is much less "day-glo" in real life).

So, hold your picket signs high and chant with me - Down with knitting adultery! I'll soon be back to being able to use my Denise needles without taking something else off them first.