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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Some Contest Rules

Silly me. I overlooked a rather important detail about the contest: When will it end? I know that all both of you participants are hanging on the edges of your swivel chairs in anticipation. So, to let you have a calmer competition, I'll mention the Judgement Day. I think I'll give this a week. So, when did I put that up on the site? I'm so disorganized. What am I thinking having contests? I think it was Saturday, so a week from then will be a good end date. Anyway, if I didn't start it Saturday, it'll end on whatever day that's a week after the start date. That will give all of my other 2 visitors the chance to participate too.

If you have absolutely no clue what contest I'm talking about, look at my previous post just below. It's a real live chance to win something!

Oh, and I'm happy Yarn Girl came back and put in another answer. I was going to morph her first answer into team names if she hadn't done so. Actually, the Thelma and Louises and the Betty and Wilmas wouldn't be that bad. I haven't chosen yet, though, so people still have their chances.

And, just one more little detail: you can post as many suggestions per person as desired. I, just today, thought of a better name for my blog, months after naming it, so I know a lightbulb can smack you over the head at any moment. That's fair. I'll take the one I like best.