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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Stash, Sweet Stash

Mom has arrived bearing my long-awaited stash enhancement package. Oh, the beauty of it all. You may remember me mentioning loading up on LOTS of yarn from You never realize how much yarn it really is when you get it online. You don't think about the space it takes up. This is beautiful yarn, by the way, so who really cares about all the space it takes up? I had a full handled-grocery bag of it when I got it unloaded from her suitcase. So, this being my largest stash enhancement to date, it prompted some much needed organization of my yarns and knitting supplies.

We had a trip to take to the home improvement store anyway, so we loaded up on moth repellent products and a great plastic drawer tower. It fits almost all of my yarns in it. Only those I had inherited (and not my favorites) were left out. I also got a tool box to organize my knitting tools. My husband was definitely jealous of that one, as I knew he would be. Ooh, ooh, and I found some dowel rods I plan to make into a couple sets of double-pointed needles. I can't find any sets of 6mm dpns, so I was happy to find a dowel in just that size (as well as some other sizes, too). They're made of ash, which I know is better than pine, but will it be good for knitting needles? Only time will tell, I guess. I think they'll be pretty, anyway. They seem flexible, but I'm not sure they won't be too flexible. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, though. And, at a bit over a euro per dowel, I didn't really venture too much, anyway. You would pay 6 or 7 times that price for as many sets of dpns as I can get out of these dowels.

So, my knitting supplies are officially the most organized part of our family's life, though, at least for the moment, the kids' toys come in at a close second, since I thoroughly cleaned the livingroom/playroom for Mom to actually be able to make it to her bed without the risk of severe injury.

I'm so excited, because along with some great yarns in a wonderful array of colors, I also got a few books for inspiration (and even patterns, in some cases). I guess I'm going to have to put a little link in the sidebar to tell you all the knitting books that now decorate my shelf.

Stay tuned (or at least come back later) for a picture of the yarns I got.