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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nursing the Masses

I feel like I am living in a nursing home... administering meds at specific hours of the day... people crying out in the night, needing drugs to sedate them and relieve their pain. When will this stop?

We saw the neurologist yesterday, and Lambchop #2's fine. I watched him sleep for about 10 minutes with electrodes all over his head. He was kind of cute and kind of sad to look at. He's just fine, though, and the doc says that based on my description, he most likely fainted out of fear and pain more than the actually bump on the head. That's a huge relief. Fear and pain don't tend to cause brain damage, know what I mean?

I came home relieved, thinking everybody was on the mend. Then, Lambchop #1 came home from school. At first, she was in a good mood. Later, that turned into complaints of an earache. The earache worsened, and even with a mild painkiller (like Tylenol) she was screaming around 10:30 pm. I couldn't calm her, so I called the local doctor-on-call (these people are going to start wondering if we're running a test lab for infectious diseases or something). The lady recommended an antihistamine that we happened to have in the house from when Lambchop #1 had an allergic reaction to Advil (*sigh*). She said that should do the trick of getting any swelling under control to at least relieve the pain for her to be able to sleep. About a half-hour later, the house was blissful silent and I could head off to bed.

Today, we're going to try to continue the fun habit we've gotten into of having at least two doctor's visits per week. Based on the past two weeks, we seem to have a preference for Monday and Tuesday visits. We've even seen two pretty expensive specialists in the past two weeks. When will this end?!?