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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Table For Twelve, Please.

I mentioned the new kitchen table yesterday. I didn't show you a picture of it, though. There's not a lot to see, really. It's very plain. The best thing about it is the octagonal shape of the table top. The wood is some mystery wood that is in decent shape but not at all ornate. And, once you slip a leaf in to lengthen the table, you're going to want to hide the sucker with a great big table cloth. That's because, apparently, some tables with leaves are done in a nicer wood for the table and a lower quality wood with no finish for the leaves. So, they aren't much to look at, but they're functional. I like them for that, because I feel that way myself sometimes.

Here, I'll show you what I mean:

The part on the left is the normal table top. The part on the right is the leaf. Completely unfinished, but totally functional - like me! The best things about the table are its shape (We like the unconventional around here.), its size (I've estimated it should seat 10-12 people with all three leaves put in), and the price (I paid 80 euros for it). I was very happy with the deal I got at the local consignment shop. It felt like quite the bargain, and I love a good bargain. And, we can actually have people over and all sit at the same table - at the same time! A definite plus. Oh, and I finally got rid of that glass table top. Did I mention how I hated that thing?

Well, while we're showing the thing off, I figure I should give you a look at its legs. We all like a good set of legs, don't we? This is also a somewhat unusual feature it has. Not your usual table legs (ignore the slightly more ornate legs on the right and hiding in the background - those are the used chairs we were given at Christmastime). Pretty, I think. And, even prettier when I think about that price again.

Well, I'm off to make a pair of shorts for Lambchop #3 out of a skirt I made for Lambchop #1 out of a t-shirt of mine I didn't like the fit of. Lambchop #1 never liked the skirt, and she's got plenty, anyway, so she won't miss it. How's that for thrifting? I paid a euro for the shirt, and it's now getting a third life.

Oh, and lastly, thanks for all your sweet and understanding comments about all our recent scares and health struggles. We really are very lucky with our health. I hate to see them sick with the flu and pink eye and things like that. It's exhausting when it happens to all of them back-to-back, but it's nothing compared to what some parents go through when their children have real diseases that cause their lives to constantly hang in the balance. I'm thankful for just your average cold when I think of that. Everyone is currently on the mend. Lambchop #2 seems even healthier than he was before he smacked his head (it's like someone pressed a reset button somewhere, and he was instantly healed of his flu, though he still takes his meds for the hearing issues), and Lambchop #3's pink eye finally seems to be reacting to this last eye drop prescription. Even Daddy seems to be on the mend after a couple of days of bed rest with his flu. I won't mention out loud the fact that I've yet to get it. I just went to bed early last night to try to avoid it the best I can.

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