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Monday, April 23, 2007

Sew What!

I've done some extra sewing today. I usually limit myself to a certain amount of fun time on any given day (I have to pretend I'm a housewife and do some actual housewifing, after all). Since it was Sunday, though, I felt like playing more than usual. So, I did a lot of sewing. All in all, I got one pair of cute jersey shorts made for Lambchop #3, hemmed a pair of cut-offs for Lambchop #2 and finally got a huge monkey off my back.

Long ago, I started a little outfit with some cute jeans and a flouncy shirt for Lambchop #1. The pants got finished pretty fast, but they keep getting holes in the seat/crotch area. I was pretty exasperated with them after a while and put them aside for months. The flounces on the shirt gave me some trouble, too, so I put that aside, as well. I finally sewed up the jeans in a way that I think should stay (though, it's getting warm, so she may not use them much). And, since a few months in the life of a 5-year-old can mean growth spurts galore, I figured I'd better finish the shirt, too. She can always wear it with a skirt in slightly warm Spring weather. I didn't get those darn flounces perfect, but I was able to fudge them enough. I just hope the shoulders will be okay, because I always have some trouble with attaching the sleeves. I can't wait to see her in it. The suspense as to whether she's outgrown it already is killing me. Well, at least she has a little sister who'll likely get some use out of it someday, right?

Unfortunately, I can't show you how cute all these things turned out, because the camera is out of batteries. Have to put that on the list of chores for tomorrow.