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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hide And Seek

Is this boy playing hide and seek? Hardly. He has turned around in his chair after dinner to fall asleep sitting up. Bad mother that I am, I had to stop to take a picture before allowing Daddy to carry him up to bed.

Disclaimer: No children fell off any chairs during the taking of this picture.

And, as promised the other day, I have a picture of the new desk. It's not an antique or anything. It's just really functional. Only problem is that, apparently, when not under the watchful eye of parents, these little munchkins can do some damage to the upstairs walls and wood floor with crayons and markers. What is it with kids? My kids by themselves no longer do that, and the older boy cousin you see in this picture is out of that stage, too, but you put them together, and they'll make a mess out of nice white walls. *SIGH*

I've been wanting to finish this post for days. This much of it was done a few days ago, but I can't seem to find the time to finish it. I've got several other pictures I want to show, but the kids are on vacation, and the girls have come down with something. Pink eye with a sore throat for Lambchop #1 and just pink eye for Lambchop #3. Then, we realized yesterday that some time in the last month or so Lambchop #2 has loss a portion of his hearing. At this stage in his language development, that's not something to mess around with. We've already realized that several of his recently acquired words were misunderstood and his usually impeccable (for his age anyway) pronunciation isn't great on those words. It can make for some funny misunderstandings, but it's really not a funny thing. Trying to get a doctor around Easter isn't so easy, though. *EVEN BIGGER SIGH*

Okay, just really fast, because my husband is begging me to take the baby so he can have a nap (what's with people wanting their sleep an all??), I'll show you my most recent acquisitions that I find really cute. First, is a set of little Jadite dishes. They're made by Fire King and are collector's items. I didn't know this when I saw them. I just thought they were really fun. Got them for 1 euro (there are a total of five plates).

Then, I got a set of six little plates with six large dinner bowls with these cows on them. They were 5 euros for the set. The kids really like them, and it will help me start to steer clear of the plastic kids plates we tend to get. I'd much rather get stoneware, even if they do break it, if I can get it at such good prices.

Well, I have a date with the doctor to get the girls ready for. And, I guess I'll let that man get a few winks before he has to get back to work. There's still one more week of vacation, so if you don't hear from me for a little bit, you'll know I'm just burying under a pile of toys or tied to a chair in the house somewhere.

And, I have to sneak a little photo of Lambchop #3 in here for the fambly. She's wearing her new thrift shop top. I love that orange. So much fun when you can get the bright colors.

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