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Thursday, February 02, 2006

We're Baaaaack...

It has taken me a couple of days to adjust to re-entry after our trip, and I still haven't gotten around to downloading our pictures, so a full post will have to come later, but I thought I'd at least assure you all that we did return - and safely.

The trip was lovely, and the expected cold front, although behind schedule somewhat, did arrive and briefly left the majority of France under a beautiful blanket of snow. This is why I'm extremely happy we left, because the region we actually live in was pretty much the only part of the entire country that didn't get the snow. Instead, those living in the Southeast received the gift of heavy rains and even flooding in some places. We were happy to have the chance to play in the snow, instead.

Details and pictures of the trip to follow...

One thing I can talk about without any pictures, though, is my newfound motivation for cleaning and organizing the house. We all know I need a little (understatement, really) help in that area, and finding enough motivation to last me can be hard. Well, staying in a little cabin in the woods, I was able to keep up with household chores, and the feeling of triumph related to that fact was enough to really get me busy when I got home. Three days into settling back home, and I've been busy almost every moment of every day trying to make our lives more easily liveable here (at least until we can move into the new house and have the space we really need). I've almost got the laundry entirely under control, and when that's done, my plan is to box up all clothes that will not fit my pregnant and post-pregnant body for a while. There's plenty, and there's no point is keeping it out. So, if I don't post much for a little while, just know that I am accomplishing a lot, anyway.