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Monday, October 03, 2005

Comment Tease

So, we've often seen people accused of being a "comment ho". Oh, you haven't? Well, it's a blogger who goes out of their way to try to get people to comment on their site (presumably because the normal content isn't worth commenting on). They either post ridiculous things that someone is bound to comment on, but that have little real merit, or they do a contest (the rules of which insist that you leave a comment).

The term comment ho seems so derogative, but, you know, what's so bad about being a comment hound (surely "ho" must stand for hound, right?)? So many people want approval from their peers (or at least to know that their existence is acknowledged). What's so wrong about not being afraid of going after what you want (comments, in this case)?

It's certainly better than being a "comment tease". That's me. I got so excited when I found Haloscan's comment program. Unlike the one offered by Blogger, you can actually respond to comments you receive on your site (have they changed that?). That seemed like a pretty desirable feature at the time. But, do I use it? No. I just lead my commenters to believe I care and then drop them after they've shown interest (I really do care. So, leave comments, please - Jeez. See what I mean?). So to all those who've ever commented on my site but to whom I've never responded, I'm sorry. I'm just a comment tease. I can't help myself.

I was really nice today, though and actually responded to a few of the more recent comments. I'm feeling pretty good about myself. You know, maybe "once a tease, always a tease" just won't apply to me. And, I have been known to roam other blogs and leave a comment or two, so I'm not a complete jerk.