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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Attention Span of A Two-Year-Old

We talk about the attention spans of two-year-olds as if they are notoriously short. My 20-month-old has spent the better part of the past half-hour peeling and piling the brown, papery outer skin off a bag of onions. I'm allowing him to continue littering the floor in this manner, only to see just how long this form of entertainment will last him (incidentally, we may be having French Onion Soup for dinner tonight).

With all of my multi-tasking and general bouncing from chore to chore and project to project, I don't get nearly as much accomplished in such little time. So, there's clearly something to be said for the attention span of two-year-old. And, since I hate peeling onions before chopping them up only slightly more than I detest sweeping, he's actually doing me a favor.