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Monday, May 07, 2007

A Mother's Dreams

I haven't posted in a little while because I haven't had much to say. I haven't felt all that funny, and I hate to drone on endlessly about my life with three kids. There haven't even really been any projects to talk much about. I've done no sewing, but I've been knitting a little everyday. I hadn't had any inspiration to knit in quite some time, but thanks to this lace I saw at Jenla, I have gotten out of that funk. I'm now neck-deep in the drama involved in not knowing if there will be enough yarn to finish the tank I've started. It's so close, and I'm pretty sure that if I have I wish for it hard enough, there will either be enough yarn already, or it'll miraculously start to reproduce itself while I knit.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if yarn would reproduce itself the way dirty dishes and used diapers do? In this dream world of mine, the yarn would, of course, be asexual like worms. We could just by one skein of some coveted expensive stuff and leave it alone for a few days (surely, it'd want its privacy). Of course I can see how this could quickly get out of hand, but I wouldn't complain. I can picture sleeping on the softer hanks if they started to take over the place like the laundry always does (especially now that I'm trying to be good by getting the cloth diapers back out - we always have to work up the courage to do this).

Along with the knitting, I've done a little thrift shopping. I was reasonable this time, because I've started to realize that the amount of laundry I do is directly proportional to the amount of thrift shopping I do (funny how that works out), but I did buy a really great little object that would have to work really hard to find itself in the dirty clothes hamper. It's the Magnus Electric Chord Piano pictured with Lambchop #3. I got it for 1 euro, which according to ebay is a pretty darn good deal. Aside from a little dust, it's in great condition and works perfectly. The kids love it (including the baby), and I even taught myself to play parts of La Vie En Rose today.

The baby is great with it. She's got some real talent. I'm thinking she may be a child prodigy or something, because she instantly started to pick out the notes to some classical piece I can't quite place (she's obviously much more musically inclined than her mommy). Okay, well, maybe she just sits there and slams her hands down on the keys, but she really seems to enjoy herself, and as the parent of any kid who sucks at a sport will tell you, what matters is how much fun you're having. If you take a good look at her right hand in this second picture, you can see the blur of her hand as she bangs on the keys. Mozart in the making.

Perhaps she will take time off from her travels as a concert pianist to be a professional photographer (Do I sense a mother projecting her own dreams onto her children a bit here??) She loves the camera. She's always trying to reach for it.

Give me that!

Almost got it.

Just a little closer.

Ha! Now I just have to pull really hard.

She's not really into blogging, though, and I'm getting tired of fighting her while I type, so we're going to have to call it quits for today.

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