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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Flu Got Me Down

Hopefully, I'll be able to come give you a longer post soon. Everybody in the family had the flu last week, and this week it's my turn. I'm into day 4 here and feeling a little better, but still not 100% yet. I had forgotten how unfun the flu can be. I have pretty much spent my days in bed attempting, yet often not being able to sleep. Needless to say, this affects my mental state, and I doubt I could give you a very coherent post at all. My French, when I try to use it is all messed up - Spanish words keep popping into my mind instead (that hasn't happened to me in years).

Thanks for the comments on my recent clothing acquisitions. I appreciate hearing that I am not totally crazy for buying used stuff like that (not used to doing that, but in my ongoing efforts to conserve money, and hopefully a bit of the planet as well, I thought I'd give it a shot).

Okay, back to resting (maybe I can throw in some knitting today, too - good for the soul you know. Helps cure what ails you, I'm sure. Well, unless it's allergies to cute furry creatures whose hair is spun into yarn, I guess).