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Thursday, January 04, 2007

And, All Through The House...

not a creature was stirring, except for Mommy, of course.

It is so nice to have some time to myself for the first time since everyone started to get sick. All the little ones and their daddy are asleep at the same time for once. I could be knitting, but I did some of that while watching a movie with the kids earlier (that was nice, since I haven't gotten much time for that lately, either). What I really needed to get some time for was some household chores. So, I tried a little something new while doing chores. Since our kitchen also serves as my "office" (my desk is just behind my chair at the table, which gets turned around when I want to workplay on the computer). Occasionally, I use the crappy speakers that are a part of my aging iBook to listen to online radio programs. I can get my fix of NPR that way whenever I think to do it.

Today, while listening to a regular old CD from my own collection, I decided to click on the podcast feature of iTunes. I clicked on the podcast directory and did a search for knitting podcasts. Have you done this? It's great. There are MANY of them. I only knew of two. I subscribed to a couple to try them out (FREE PROGRAMMING!!). The first one I listened to was Cast On, which I had been told was wonderful. I was not disappointed. From listening to other podcasts (not many, I'll admit), I had gotten used to an unprofessional sounding broadcast. Not the case with Cast On. Just well-recorded, good programming to listen to while knitting (or doing some chores). Now, "just one more row" can become "just to the end of this podcast."

Perhaps this means that an iPod will be in my future. I can picture myself roaming around my beautiful new (immaculate!!?) house listening to whatever podcast pleases me while maintaining the household chores. Is this what it means to be a modern housewife?