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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I have absolutely no logical order for my thoughts this morning, but I figure I'll just go with that and see what happens (yeah, don't ask me how that's different from my usual post-writing method). Really, I just wanted to share a few pictures from our day in the city the other day. Grandma could always use a little smile, and I know nothing makes a grandmother smile like a few pictures of her grandbabies.

So, here we go...

Let's see... what did I upload first again? Umm. Yeah. Lambchop #1 working on a masterpiece here. I love to watch her when she concentrates on something. She really puts her whole self into the things she does. She gets this great look of utter determination on her face when she works (you know the work of a five-year-old - painting, coloring, etc.).

You know, I'm almost tempted to just leave these pictures in the collage-like order they end up in with no words between them and let you figure them out yourself. I've got chores I want to get done, anyway. I'll try to make a little effort for your sake, though. What's next? Well, let's see. We took the kids into town having forgotten it was Telethon weekend all across France. As I mentioned in my last post, it was really crowded because of this. I've got a couple of blurry shots of a few of the activities they had going on. They struck me as funny at the time, but the shots didn't come out well enough to want to show them to you. One was of a group of guys doing little football maneuvers (and when I say football, I mean American style football, not the soccer kind that most Europeans would mean when they say the word). This is pretty odd when you're in the South of France. Even odder when these guys are crammed into a 20X20 foot surface to do their thing. They had also set up a series of dirt jumps and ramps for some bikers (not motor, just the pedal kind) to do tricks on. This really freaked my mother-in-law out. First, she HATED the crowds, but secondly, she was in constant fear of someone hurting themselves by falling off of a ramp or pile of dirt and slamming into a tree or nearby bench. They had that covered, though, with the numerous Red Cross people standing by in case of disaster.

Anyway, so we waded through the people crammed together on the Comedie in order to get to the antiquey merry-go-round (carousel, for some of you, I guess) on the other side. It took us quite a while, but the kids were happy that we made the trip. You can just barely see Lambchop #2 in the picture to the right. He liked the merry-go-round enough, but two times around was more than enough for him. I think it made him a little nauseous but he wasn't sure how to say so. Lambchop #1 is serious about her horsey rides, though. The excitement she built up all morning long thinking about her impending go-round on the go-round would make you think she'd have an ear-to-ear smile plastered to her face. Not so. Instead, we again saw the same look of concentration as when she was building her wooden tower. I broke into her thoughts just long enough for this shot. She's got a bit of a regal air about her, don't you think? Makes sense, I guess. She is the same kid who, for a long time, was saying her last name with the addition of de Comberousse (part of our wine estate's name).

And, really quickly here, I thought I'd show you this last artsy picture of Lambchop #3. It's a little something I like to call "Wine With Babe". That's our wine in that glass, by the way. I swear I'm not trying to use it to maintain my mother-in-law's anonimity. It just happens to be covering her face. Makes me think, though, that there could be much more fun ways of blacking out people's faces in pictures than the typical black bar. Maybe a pair of clown glasses with a funny nose? Anyway, ain't she 'tweet?