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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Apparently, according to my mother, I have a knack for having babies when terrorist activity is at its peak. That's not to make light of a very heavy subject, but she seems to be onto something. See, my daughter was born in late July of 2001. A pretty safe distance from 9/11, but what my mother remembers is that she and my aunt arrived on a plane from the US to France on September 10th. You can imagine the freaking out that went on for the few weeks they were here. This time, their flight to see us is schedule for early next month, and what do we get? Apparently serious terrorist activity just a month before. It would seem that I don't like them to travel with any peace of mind. I'd rather rig things to make it more stressful for them. I swear, though, it's not intentional.

So, it appears that, for the safety of the entire world, I really should stop making babies. I have been thinking this for a while, anyway, but it wasn't really terrorism related. It was more a feeling that it would be best for all if I just stopped at three. I mean, think of what I'm unleashing onto the world here. And, it seems I'll be doing it again pretty soon. Technically, I'm due towards the end of the month or early next month (depending on if you prefer the US count of 40 weeks or the French one of 41). But, today, I feel different. How's that?

First of all, last night, I had trouble sleeping. I kept waking up with the unsettling feeling that the baby could really come any time now, and we're not fully prepared. Sure, we could hack it, but the house isn't as clean as I'd like, and the new house is not finished enough to be moved into. And, then there's the amazing amount of energy I've had lately and the fact that I feel wide awake when it's time for bed. To top all that off, the baby has dropped into my pelvis. I was thinking just last night how oddly comfortable I've been carrying a baby even this late in pregnancy. I have yet to have the typical waddle or the feeling of everything falling out. Well, that was the case yesterday. Today is a different story. Sure, I can eat more freely without feeling stuffed after two mouthfuls, and I can breath more easily, but there's a pressure in the nether regions that just wasn't there before. Now, according to the books, this could mean I'll give birth in a month (usually the case for first babies) or in a day. Not a perfect sign of impending labor. What it does mean, though, is that I'd better get to work on that cleaning again. Because you just never know when a baby will decide it's ready to face the world.