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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Well, I Had A Picture For You...

This supposedly being a knitting blog and all, I decided to actually show some pictures of real knitting today. I was, however, thwarted by my camera. It appears that it was low on batteries when I took the shot, and by the time it was halfway done loading to my computer, it was a gonner. So, we'll have to charge the batteries and try this again some time soon. But, just know that I had good intentions (yeah, don't tell me about the paving of the road to hell, please).

Today is catch-up day. Maybe I should call it ketchup day to make it sound more fun. You see, yesterday, I pretty much did nothing aside from making some chicken soup to soothe my cold/flu/whatever-it-is. I'm happy I did all of that nothing, because I am feeling somewhat better today. What all that laziness does mean, though, is that I'm stuck catching up on yesterday's chores today. That's not too bad, but it's a good way to start getting behind (which I'm already really good at). I still don't feel much like messing with the dishes, but I ran a load in the dishwasher, and I suppose I can convince myself to put them away to make room for more, at least.

And, since I've mentioned photos and still had none of knitting to show, I'll substitute with some cute ones from our vacation last month. Besides, I've been meaning to post some of our little ones, so that my parents don't start thinking I've sold them to the black market or some circus or other. Don't worry, Mom and Dad, we're still keeping them around (even feed and bathe them from time to time).

Yes, the snow was that deep.

And, yes, they had the time of their lives in it!