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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Good To the Last Bite...

I'm loving this sourdough stuff. I searched the net last night for sourdough recipes and came up with many. The one that most caught my eye, though, was the sourdough chocolate cake. I haven't particularly been craving chocolate, but my husband loves it, and what better way to celebrate Valetine's Day than by serving him up a delicious sourdough chocolate cake? It truly is delicious. The sourdough starter lends a wonderful moistness to every bite (which also clings lovingly to your teeth).

If I weren't so lazy after eating some, I might even share a picture with you. Maybe tomorrow. For now, I'm too tired.

Ooh, and a fun little stir-fry recipe for you...

Chop firm tofu into smallish cubes. Chop a variety of veggies for stir-fry (I had leeks, cabbage and sugar snap peas on hand but this would work with whatever you like).

Combine the juice of one lemon (or even just a few drops with some other citrus - I used the 1/4 of grapefruit juice that was left in the bottle tonight) with chopped garlic, chopped fresh ginger, a small teaspoon of honey and enough soy sauce to cover chopped tofu. Let tofu marinate 5 minutes.

Heat flavorless veggie oil (safflower or sunflower work well) over high heat. Remove tofu from marinade with slotted spoon. Stir-fry in oil till browned. Add veggies and continue to stir-fry 1 minute. Add marinade. Continue to stir-fry to desired doneness (probably 5-10 minutes). Serve with sticky rice (I made brown rice, which I prefer).

Very yummy and quick last minute meal.