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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

All of Life's Necessities

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I haven't really told you much about the size of this town. It's little. You can cross it twice in maybe 15 minutes. But, they understand the true needs of the travelling tourist, don't they? Afterall, they've got their soda machine. A little ways down the road, there's a postbox (for postcards, maybe) and a phone booth.

I had another picture for you, but my Flickr Uploadr messed up in the middle of that shot and it only got 1/2 uploaded.

If you're lucky, I'll feel like trying again later. It was a pretty one.

Anyway, the trip was good, and I wasn't ready to come home. Apparently, the house realized it and exacted the type of revenge that only our home could have come up with - it sprung a leak. Remember the leaky bathtub I mentioned a while back. Apparently, it wasn't fixed, afterall. So, a full box of nice clean baby clothes is soaked and will be needing to get rewashed and repacked up. Just when you think the end of the laundry piles is in sight... well, it's not.

I did get a bit of knitting done on the drive up, though. I almost finished the second sock pal sock before hitting the windy roads that forced me to put it down in hopes that I'd not get sick. I didn't. I was just at a point where I had to look at my knitting to do the toe, and I don't do that well in cars. Other than that, I just enjoyed a lot of reading time and cooked a few meals so others could have some time off. All in all, a nice vacation, even if it was too short.