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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Holding My Head High In Shame

I know people usually hang their heads low in shame, but I just can't bring myself to feel the shame I think I'm supposed to feel for what I have done. Maybe there's an ounce or two of shame, but there certainly wasn't enough to stop me from doing it. Doing what? Well, what else? Buying more yarn, of course. I know, you're thinking I just got a @$#%load of yarn from my mother's visit. And, you're right, but the LYS sent me coupons for 20% off. And, I started thinking about the yarns they sell that I have been wanting to try. Why not get them now, instead of when I actually need yarn, and, of course, the coupon's are no longer valid?

My husband rightly tried to convince me that the stores do this INTENTIONALLY to make you come buy stuff when there's a lull in their sales (and, he almost succeeded). They wouldn't do this, would they? Not to me, right? Okay, yes, I understand the coupons aren't really for me because they like me, and they've seen how deserving I am, because I'm truly a very nice person. But I really have been wanting to try a few of their yarns (lambswool/cashmere and 100% silk, for example) to check out the quality, and this coupon at least saved me from paying the sales tax, which is really high here. I know, there is always the argument that there will be other coupons in the future, and that may be true, but I've received their coupons for the past two years, at least, and this is the first time I've seen one for their yarn. They usually send me coupons for their ready-to-wear, which I find hideous.

So, all that to tell you that I've bought some yarn. I got what will hopefully end up being enough silk for a tank top, though I'm doubtful (and, I don't mean a tank top for my 3-year-old - that much I'm sure I've got). I like the colors. There's the natural color of the silk, which I have always found to be pretty, and I got another color called paprika (no explanation needed as to what color this is) that I'll use for borders. I also got some grey lambswool/cashmere to make a scarf for my hubbie (though if he doesn't get more excited about it, it may end up being mine!). I just need to swatch this stuff to see how far it'll take me.

Now all that's left is to assemble all the new stash members for a nice photo op to show them all off to you. I guess I could try to get around to that today.