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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Working Hard

But, somehow, also hardly working. I've been working a lot lately on fixing the website I started a very long time ago for my husband's wine business. It's been a mess forever, and I finally learned about the wonderfulness that is NVu, a graphic interface html editor. It's really great. I've made a really nice looking site so far. It definitely beats the one I had before. It's very time-consuming to make a website, though. Hey, at least, my husband isn't bothered by the dishes piling up, though. He hardly has anything to complain about.

You can get a little idea of what it'll look like by clicking here. I wanted to do some kind of screen capture to let you see the thing, because if too many people click on that link in a day, it'll lock people out (it's a free geocities site - what do you want?). Apparently, though, I have enough know-how to build a website, but I am too dumb to do a proper screen capture. I'm not going to try too hard, though. My eyes are already glazing over half the time because of all the time I spend in front of the computer.

Well, I must go eat breakfast and do some chores before a friend of Lambchop #1's gets here. I wouldn't want her daddy to be too afraid to leave her with us.